New Developments Springing Up in the Costa Rica Southern Pacific Coast

Costa Rica has long been thought of as one of Earth?s great glimpses of paradise. For a long time, most of Costa Rica?s terrain was protected land that was unavailable for purchase. But now, as the Costa Rican government continues moving forward with plans to strengthen the nation?s economy through real estate development, and real estate investors are finding many opportunities to own a piece of paradise.

At present, the most sought after real estate investments are in Costa Rica?s Southern Pacific coast. The region consists of the Puntarenas Province, which runs along much of the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. However, it?s the portions of the Puntarenas province that extend from Quepos southward that are considered the Southern Pacific Coast. The region is home to the nation?s newest top-of-the-line medical facility as well as many seductive beaches and picturesque mountains. In a few years, the Southern Pacific region will also be the location of Costa Rica?s third international airport. Costa Rica?s Southern Pacific Coast is also home to the renowned Corcovado National Park, which features the most dense and diverse animal and plant life in not only all of Costa Rica, but according to National Geographic, in the entire world. Needless to say, the views and the real estate surrounding the park are unsurpassed. That is another reason why real estate investors are so drawn to the area.

While the entire Southern Pacific Coast of Costa Rica is expected to experience a surge in real estate development, much of the current real estate development is in the Coronado Bay area near the cities of Palomar Sur, Sierpe, and Puerto Cortes. Two of the more notable are being constructed near San Buenaventura and along the mountains above Cortez.

The San Buenaventura real estate development is called The San Buenas Golf Resort. It?s massive. Six hundred forty-four acres of Costa Rica land is currently being primed to build hundreds of homes, some of which will sit directly on the golf course around which the community is being built. Meanwhile, the Amelia?s Estates real estate development?a mountain?s edge development hidden away among the rainforest?provides views of Palmar Norte and Cortez.
Both of these developments are designed for investors wanting to own a home?for general investment, vacation, retirement or primary residence?in Costa Rica.

The Amelia?s Estates and San Buenas Golf Resort developments are just two of the real estate investment opportunities along Costa Rica?s Southern Pacific Coast. As the Costa Rican government continues to release land for sale and offering incentives to investors, more real estate development (and therefore real estate investment profits) are inevitable. So if you?re looking to buy real estate in Costa Rica, it?s a good time to explore the market.

by David Lovendahl, Developing Paradise ?

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